This is the Largest Lego Caravan in the World

We’ve all had a Lego set when we were kids. You could build miniature models of pretty much anything from vehicles to construction sets, and even a Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. But the disappointing part was that these models were far too small for one to fit into.

So it’s pretty awesome when you see a life size model of a caravan made completely out of plastic Lego bricks. The wagon was unveiled at the Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham this week. The Lego caravan is 2.2 meters tall and 3.6 meters long and is built with 215,158 bricks in all. It took a team of 12 over 1,000 hours to construct. Naturally, the Lego wagon makes it into the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest Lego caravan in the world.

Lego Caravan (2)


The caravan comes with a completely furnished interior with a sofa-cum-bed, electric lights, a sink with running water, the works, all made out of Lego (the water is real, though). The pictures below show Lego mugs, a Lego toothbrush, Lego frying pan with Lego eggs in it, and a Lego stove to make all your Lego culinary cuisines as well as Lego chess set next to a Lego vase.

Lego Caravan


Lego Caravan 1

Watch the time-lapse video below to see just how this ‘Lego Giant’ was created with some hard work, dedication and a whole lot of patience.


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