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Delhi Traffic Police Ramps Up Operations to Ensure Lane Driving

In in update issued today, the Delhi Traffic Police will ramp up its operations and action against rash or negligent driving, zig zag driving between lanes and or not driving in lanes. This will also apply to those not standing in lanes at red lights. The rapid deployment action will result in challans up Rs. 5,000 among other serious fines like revoking a driving license and impound of the vehicle.

This new mandate comes in line with the upgradation of the Delhi infrastructure and to make Delhi ready and equipped for emergency services. Ambulances, Police and Fire Brigades are often seen stuck in traffic on the roads of the capital city, However that will change post the deployment of the mandate. With everyone driving in lanes, emergency vehicles can pass easily, when the traffic would have enough space to let these vehicles pass.

Presently, the traffic in highly unruly and disorganized. The Traffic Police will also look into licenses issued to drivers and revoke those without proper education of driving laws. Those without the ability to understand laws and traffic signs will not be allowed to drive until they have passed the traffic examination. These rules will also apply to bus drivers, commercial drivers of trucks, tempos and utility vehicles along with auto-rickshaw drivers, who may lose their ability to drive in the city.

German Traffic Reacts to Siren!

German Traffic Reacts to Siren!

Delhi is one of the most populated and polluted cities in the world, with initiatives like these from government agencies and law enforcement, things may start becoming streamlined. The traffic laws are outdated and not enforced, a new revision is required. The Delhi traffic Police will also begin virtual policing in the coming years, allowing authorities to track traffic violations with the use of Closed Circuit Cameras installed throughout the city. By the year 2019, the Delhi govt. may implement congestion charge in various parts of the city to reduce traffic blockages in important zones like Connaught Place.

A FireTruck zips through Traffic inn the USA

A FireTruck zips through Traffic in the USA

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