Samsung’s Safety Truck Displays Oncoming Traffic to Drivers

On a straight highway, when you are cruising at a desirable speed, trucks and lorries can be a bit of a menace. When you try to pass a truck, it’s hard to tell whether another vehicle is coming until you’re on the wrong side of the road. It can result in a devastating accident, if one is not careful. But, Samsung, known to be one of the leading tech powerhouses, has devised a solution to the perennial overtaking problem.

In Argentina, Samsung does a lot of hauling items and operates an extensive fleet of rigs in the country. Samsung says that Argentina has a high incidence of traffic accidents and fatalities. To help reduce the traffic incidents, Samsung has installed some cool technology on its trucks. The fleet of these are named ‘The Safety Truck.’

The Safety Truck, instead of blocking your view, shows the vehicle behind, a view of what is in front of the truck. Cameras on the frontal side capture real-time videos of the road ahead and transfer it in real-time using wireless feeds to four big screens on the back. Night vision settings are also present, thus giving the car drivers behind the truck an accurate view of their surroundings in the dark.

The technology was developed by advertisement company, Leo Burnett, and Argentian tech company, Ingematica. Perhaps, the first of its kind, this new breed of trucks could actually work out in highways in India, where the maximum number of accidents take place.

Check out the video below

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