Government To Raise Average Mileage Requirement To 18.2 km/l

In India, the mileage of a car is a crucial determining factor for choosing a vehicle. Motor enthusiasts continue to demand better fuel efficiency for the car they want to buy. Some auto makers in the market claim excellent mileage for their vehicle, while others don’t pay heed to mileage at all, putting car buyers in a fix between choosing a fuel efficient car or their favourite one.

To put this dilemma to rest, the government wants all car makers to improve their vehicle’s fuel efficiency. As per a latest report, the government has notified car makers of new fuel efficiency guidelines that must be followed from April 2017.

According to the notice all vehicles are expected to deliver an average fuel economy of 18.2 km/l, this will be a 15% increase over the existing average mileage requirement. The new fuel efficiency standards have been framed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency.

This rule serves as a reference to the average fuel economy and not the exact figure per model. Which would mean that a car manufacturer can roll out models that deliver less than 18.2 km/l, but have to compensate it by offering a product with better fuel efficiency figures.

According to an agency executive, a benefit of more than Rs. 90,000 crore can be reaped from the fuel savings per year. From April 2022, the average limit will be raised to 22 km/l.

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