Porsche Uncovers Yet Another Car Among its Aggressive Line-Up, The Boxster Spyder

After unveiling the most powerful ever, the Cayman GT4, Porshe has unveiled yet another piece from its line-up – the new Boxster Spyder. This car was introduced at the New York Motor Show this week and is said to be the most powerful version of a Porsche’s sports car.

From the designing aspect, the model looks familiar with the front and the rear end mirroring the Cayman GT4. The Spyder is the first Boxster to feature the 911 Carrera S-inspired 3.8 litre flat-six engine, which is capable of developing 370 bhp. Because the Spyder weighs almost a 100kg less than the GTS, it is capable of reaching 0-100kph in 4.5 seconds and has a top speed of 290kph.  If compared with the GTS, it reaches 0-100kph on 5 seconds with a top speed of 281 kph.

Some of its other features include its new lightweight fabric roof, which can be electrically opened or closed manually, to make it more user-friendly. Meanwhile, on the inside, new lightweight seats along with a new steering wheel has been designed to make the Boxster Spyder ‘precisely and with greater agility’, as claimed by the company.

The new Boxster Spyder will go on sale in the UK showrooms in July 2015 and is priced at £60,459 (Rs. 5,571,420). As of now, its release date in India has not been confirmed yet.

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