Feline One 5

This Ultra Stylish Streetfighter Has a Price Tag of US$ 280,000

Swiss designer Yacouba Galle has unveiled a new bike that looks something out of a sci-fi movie. It is called the Feline One and is designed like a street fighter. Like all things Swiss, the bike has an eye-popping price tag.

At the heart of the Feline, One sits an 801cc, 3-cylinder, 170 horsepower engine. It has a twin-shock anti-dive front-end suspension setup that make it look aggressive on the front end.

The frame of the bike is made almost entirely of titanium. The swingarm, front fork unit and the wheel rims made of carbon fiber. These tough materials are also lightweight which makes the bike weigh just 155 kilograms.

This motorcycle is as premium as it gets, and only 50 of these bad boys will be ever built. The production will begin early 2016. So if you like the Feline One, you have about a year to save $280,000 (Rs.1.8 crore) to call the bike your own.

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