Android Equipped Sports Car Prototype for Kids Unveiled

Our kids may apparently end up sitting behind the wheels of a more technologically advanced car than us, as a South Korean company Henes has unveiled a revolutionary car for kids. Dubbed as the ‘Broon F870’; this high-end 4 ft. car features dual motors along with all-wheel drive that can reach top speeds of upto 10 mph. The car is practically a mini version of a regular luxury sports car crammed with all the features you would typically find in a real car.

Not only does it have leather seats, working head and tail lamps, a sound system, foldable mirrors, differential steering, shock absorbers but it has its own 7 inch Android tablet which controls on board equipment and allows setting up controls. Even adults can have a bit of fun as the F870 comes with a Bluetooth controller which runs on a pair of AAA batteries.

The car is expected to cost anywhere between $895 and $1000, which is quite reasonable given the features of the F870. The car is still in its prototype stage and its still unclear how and when this vehicle will be commercially available.

The video below does give us an idea as to what can be expected from this vehicle.

With the tech-industry innovating at such a rapid pace; it nice to notice that some time is dedicated for the younger generation as well. This car could be quite a game changer for the kids but only time will tell whether its worth the price.

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