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Germany Ready to Invest Heavily in Charging Stations for Electric Cars

In an attempt to boost the demand for electric cars, Germany is planning to expand the network of charging stations across the country, according to the Transport Ministry paper. The document also reveals that the country is aiming at 1 million electric cars in the country by 2020, and investing in such an infrastructure will act as a catalyst in boosting demand.

High cost of vehicles combined with infrastructure concerns and low battery range have sabotaged sales volume of electric cars in the country, with only 24,000 electric cars on the road, out of 3 million cars. As per a report by Reuters, Germany has about 100 quick service charging stations and about 4,800 charging stations running on alternate current.

Meanwhile, the Transport Ministry says German motorway services operator Tank Rast GmbH is prepping quick service charging stations and parking spots at its 400 sites by 2017. The German government will bear some of the costs of installing cables and related construction projects.

Still maturing as a concept in India, the Indian government also showed some initiative, allotting a Rs.14,000 crore scheme to popularize cars running on electricity and fossil fuels.

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