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Google Working on an Autonomous Android OS for Cars

Google is yet again trying to break the technological barrier. The company is now laying groundwork for an Android OS that will hook cars directly to the Internet, without the need for a smartphone. This new project is quite a notch up compared to Google’s current Android Auto software, which still makes it mandatory for a smartphone to be connected in a compatible car with an in-built screen.

Reuters reports the search engine giant is being rather tight lipped about the whole thing, and plans to reveal the exact details when it starts rolling out the next version of its Android OS, dubbed Android M. The idea behind this whole concept is to make Android OS the standard for accessing navigation and other features, regardless of what phone the driver is carrying with him.

The concept seems rather interesting and it will be exciting to observe how automobile manufacturers respond to this whole idea. With CES kicking off next month followed by several auto expos, there is an ideal launch pad for this innovative technology.

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