JA Motorsport Creates the First Super Tata Nano, Priced at Rs. 25 Lakh

Tata Nano was considered the poster child of Indian ingenuity. After decades worth of planning and facing multiple delays, Ratan Tata’s dream car came to India and had people lining up to buy the car touted as the cheapest car in the world. But soon the euphoria faded away and after hitting a peak in 2012, the sales have steadily gone down. Tata Motors have also been facing a grim couple of years in terms of its overall business. But the love for the Rs. 1 lakh car hasn’t disappeared completely. Coimbatore based JA Motorsports have designed a Super Tata Nano, which gains considerable improvement over its miniature variant.

super nano

Image Credit: Motoroid

The makers of the Super Tata Nano has given it a 1.3 liter engine that churns out maximum power of about 230 hp. Not just that, the car now has a top speed of 190 km/h. It’s definitely ‘super’ considering Nano’s size. The weight to power ratio is 2.6 kg/hp.

The car also gets multiple tweaks to transform it from a cute urban ride to a badass tarmac blazer. On the outside, the car flaunts a full body kit, slick MRF ZLO racing tyres, smoked head and tail lamps. The bolt-on roll cage on the car adds that extra charm of ruggedness. On the inside, the back seat is gone.
JA incurred a cost of 25 lakh to build a single Super Tata Nano.

If you like what you see, then JA motorsports can transform your car too, of course for that princely sum mentioned above.

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  1. Sachin Kumar Rajput

    190 km/h :-o c’mon man this matchbox will gonna fly away over 120Km/h, 190 is way too much. I don’t understand why JA put in so much effort into small sized car. There has be some weight into machine to stick to ground. Seems completely idiotic..!!!

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