Chinese Search Giant Takes Bikes Into the Future

Technology is touching new heights every day. Post the development of futuristic smartphones and wearables like smartwatches, gears, fitness trackers, Bluetooth headsets and more, the next big innovation coming ahead is bikes, or more specifically we can call them smart bikes.

The Chinese search giant Baidu has made an innovative non-motorized bicycle called DuBike that equips regenerative electric tech and laden with smart fitness technology. The bike comes packed with heart rate, pedal rate, peddle pressure and other sensors which connect to a smartphone app through Bluetooth. With all these sensors affixed, it can carry out a variety of functions. To name a few, it can monitor your health stats, provide mapping directions, track your bike’s position and recommend cycling routes or fitness programs via social networks.

Now, switching on to how it works, this smart bike functions on the phenomenon of converting kinetic energy into electric energy. DuBike comes with a self-generation hub that does this conversion. The electrical energy generated runs all the sensors and along with that it charges your device.

Last month, a research wing of Baidu released a smart bike OS. They didn’t intend to make a bike with that technology but now the company is planning to share the same with other manufacturers as well.

The machine has been designed by Baidu and Tsinghua University’s design department. Meanwhile, there is no information about its pricing, weight or other specs, but we will soon learn them all at the launch likely to take place by year-end.

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