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First 3D Printed Electric Car Expected to Release by 2015

Electric car should have been in the mainstream by now. We were supposed to be in the future that was imagined by our ancestors from 3-4 decades ago. Well, if you felt the same frustrations, you need not worry. 3D Printing, the new futuristic revolutionary technology will join hands with the electric car business to make mass marketable electric cars.

The first car is not going to make you wait either. It is expected to release in the market by 2015. The cars will be manufactured by US based, Local Motors. The company says in their blog that they are currently in the prototype stage.

During the SEMA trade show in Las Vegas, Local Motors had presented a prototype they printed. The company had just 44 hours to print an entire car completely. When put on a mass production line, manufacturing these cars would be literally like making Xerox copies. The car is also made up of just 50 components, whereas an average car has as many as 2000 bits. Electric vehicles have tremendous convenience propositions.

The company also mentioned that the car will be fully recyclable except for the bits that are painted. The car is expected to be priced in the range of $18000 to $30000, which is a fair price if it matches up to the safety standard and has a good 150-200+ KM range. We hope this inspires some folks out there to get into the Direct Digital Manufacturing space. This is where the next GM, Honda and other new generation automobile powers are going to emerge. So if you want to build a future, get 3D printing.


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