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Russia to Manufacture 850 HP Tsar-Engines For its VIP Cars

If you thought that Indian VIP’s have a high demand for pomp with their red beacons on top, you have to hear what the Russians have planned. The country has been in bad light for some time now with its involvement in Ukraine and its severe anti-homosexuality stance. The decision of the country to make powerful engines for its VIP executives might create a bit of a sting with the population too.

The country’s scientific, and motor research center NAMI has begun working on project “Cortege”. The research organization will create a line of V12 turbo engine which will have a capacity of up to 850 Horsepower(HP). These engines were termed as “Tsar engines” by the western scientists working on the project. Tsar’s were the monarchical rulers of Russia.

Apart from making engines for VIP’s of the Russian state, there are also some real world applications of these ultra-powerful engines. The researchers plan to induct the technology in aviation and military machinery.
Russian Industry and Trade minister has said that this project will create a car manufacturing base in the country. He added that the Cortege engines will be used in multiple vehicles.

Russia's Central Scientific Research Automobile and Engine Institute Exhibited some models of Project Cortege

Russia’s Central Scientific Research Automobile and Engine Institute Exhibited some models of Project Cortege

NAMI had unveiled the design of the presidential limo which will sit at the top of the project Cortege food chain. It will be world’s first four-wheel drive, official state car. The other cars in the convoy will also get a horsepower bump to give them a boost. The company had given an open invitation for the presidential limo design and was selected from 80 submissions from international and Russian artists. President Vladimir Putin was presented eight final submissions out of which he chose the final two.

The project will cost half a billion dollars at about $550 million. This is a massive investment from a weakening economy. The country is already investing heavily in the military and facing sanctions from the west. This may probably not be the best time to invest in high powered vehicles for the select few elites. Considering that even the applications of the technology in the future is seen in war machinery, Russia should have invested in renewable engines. This would have certainly given a boost to its economy and would have given it some strong limbs in the future economy. We do have to agree though that the designs sure look cool.

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