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London Unveils New Driverless Tube Trains

A city runs on its transport system; public transport is essential bit for a concentrated population. It helps unclog the roads of the city, making it the most efficient way of reaching a destination fast and is also considered super healthy for the environment. London’s metro or “the Tube” is one of the oldest and most efficient train systems. Now the city is ready to unveil a new generation of the Tube trains equipped with new technology and facelifts.

The new trains are capable of going driverless. Though initially the trains will be manned but they can be controlled using remote techniques. There will be fleet of 250 of these newly designed trains. On the exteriors, the trains have a sleek look and the LED lighting does make them look futuristic.

The trains have some visually appealing interiors.

The trains have some visually appealing interiors.

The trains have beautiful interiors and have a great new-age look. They will have wider doors to let people in and out easier. They will also have a built in mechanised air-cooling system. The new trains are designed to have step-free access from the platform and more space for wheelchair users.

These trains are made for function for at least the coming four decades. The trains will be rolled out on the Central, Bakerloo, Piccadilly, and Waterloo & City lines. They are expected to raise the capacity of the lines by 25 per cent.
As part of a public exhibition, these trains are currently being showcased at London’s King’s Cross St Pancras Underground station.

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