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Fiat Unveils the 500e: a Cuter, Electric Version of the 500

Electric vehicles will be the standard for the future, and a lot of companies are making great strides towards it. Now Fiat is doing its bit for the environment, and it hasn’t been more adorable than the 500e. The 500e is a micro version of Fiat’s popular 500 cars.

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The 500e micro car has a zero-emissions design. It has the best-in-class 108 MPGe of battery-electric power. This can make it a practical car and not just a glorified golf cart.

The interiors are youthful and fustionistic.

The interiors are youthful and fustionistic.

The three toned interiors of the car seem like a fusion of retro and modern designing elements. While the background is designed in black, the user accessible part of the dashboard consoles are engulfed in bold white and orange elements.

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The instrument cluster displays the amount of remaining charge, speed and other indicators.

The car is priced at $31,800 and is offered at a fantastic lease deal of $199 per month for 36 months with a $999 down payment. This is convenient, eco-friendly and cheap.

This looks like a great urban car, and its youthful design features will attract a lot of enthusiastic drivers. The black variant of the car brings a weird mix of cuddly and badass. We’d really like to take this baby out for a spin.

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