Peugeot Brings the Best of Both Worlds with Quartz Crossover Concept

French car maker Peugeot has unveiled a new concept car that blends together an SUV and a sports car and brings in the best of both worlds. The car, in images, looks like something Robocop would use or maybe even Batman, well, of course, after adding some of his tweaks.


The Quartz Crossover concept brings the muscles of the SUV with the sleek and aerodynamic prowess of a hybrid sports car. The car is powered by a 1.6 liter, 270 bhp petrol engine that helps to put the two 114HP electric motors on the front and back axles on the move. Peugeot claims that the car is able to churn out a 500 bhp output when in hybrid mode (Race mode).


The interiors are made of natural and recycled materials. Basalt and a digitally woven textile made from recycled plastic are some of the examples of materials used. The passengers each get an individual bucket seat, while the driver gets an head-up display as part of the motorsport-inspired layout.

You can even travel 31 miles on a completely electric drive mode. This can be that extra buffer you can hold when traveling long distances and may help you make that last mile.


The car also utilizes a system in which cameras are linked to the satellite navigation system on the car. This system helps to map the path ahead and also helps the car to adjust its suspension to give a comfortable ride. The car has wide 23-inch wheels.


Now, of course, as this is a concept car, so it won’t make it on the roads anytime soon. But it presents some really unique ideas for car builders to take notice. The hybrid is definitely a plus and makes a lot of sense for the present climate. We can’t wait to see something like Quartz to hit our streets soon.

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