Toyota Nexus 7

Toyota to Bring Nexus 7 In-Built in its Upcoming Cars

Infotainment systems sell cars, yes they do. Today a car equipped with infotainment is seen as aspirational. Companies too want to sell more cars in these times of market slump. This company is taking a smart approach into its infotainment system which will make it cheaper for the manufacturer as well as consumers. Toyota is expected to bring the Nexus 7 devices for their upcoming cars.

Toyota partnered with Asus and its subsidiary Unimax to create an infotainment system. The company came up with a system called Toyota’s Intelligent System (TIS), which essentially is a Nexus 7 device that is tweaked to be an infotainment control center.

TIS adds in-driving assistance features to Nexus 7 like voice recognition, 4G based navigation and multi-media controls for the car. The system allows users to use the device like a tablet, so drivers can have the usual Android experience.

TIS will also allow you to have the usual tablet experience.

TIS will also allow you to have the usual tablet experience.

The advantage of having an Android based system in the car is that it will let the customer have an interface experience they are used to. It will also be better than the usual, buggy car infotainment system to a well-updated device.

Also to keep the system up-to-date, the company allows swapping option so the customer can put in a new system when the Nexus 7 becomes outdated. Users can also take advantage of the NFC feature and connect their phones to the infotainment system easily.

The part of the story which is a downer, is that Toyota is presently planning to introduce these cars in Taiwan only. Also, it is not sure as of yet as to which cars will be getting the Nexus 7 in them. Hopefully, other car manufacturers will take notice and finally make our cars 21st century compatible.

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