carpool deville

It’s a Car.. It’s a Pool.. It’s Carpool DeVille!

When most people hear the word “carpool”, they think of being cramped in the back of some small vehicle with smelly people. Thankfully, Phillip Weicker and Duncan Forster, car enthusiasts from Los Angeles, know how to think out of the box; or perhaps in this case in the box.

Phil Weicker and Duncan Forster have spent nearly six years converting a 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille into a hot tub on wheels. It is reported that the two men spent $ 800 to buy this 1969 Cadillac and spent a lot of time to improve its heating and control performance. In addition to this, they also re-energized the entire frame of the car, costumed a fiberglass bathtub as well as the conversion dashboard, pool pumps and water filters.

The engine is the original Seven liters, 375 horsepower gas guzzler with 525 lb-ft (712 Nm) torque which will propel the car to the 100 mph mark and heat the water in the tub. The trunk was converted into the pool’s physical plant and the steering system is water tight. When its swimming tank has been filled up, the car carries about 5,000lb of water. The former engineering students also fitted it with a marine throttle so the engine will keep running.

Besides making sure everything is set with the mobile hot tub, the two were also working with the land speed racing community to ensure Carpool DeVille would meet CTA’s (Chicago Transit Authority) strict safety requirements. Hard to say if the team will make it to the racing track, but we have to admit this baby is quite the toy.

We’ll leave you to check out this movie below to check the awesomeness for yourself.

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