Cruise RP-1: A Superb Tool That Will Make Your Car Driverless

All that stuff about self-driving cars that has been making the rounds lately just got real. Cruise RP-1 is a computer system that is born out of a combination of software-hardware technology. The company likes to address it as “an autopilot tool for the road.”

The experimental project initiated by a start-up has shaken major players out of their deep sleep as the concept of self-driving vehicles continues to gain momentum in the automobile industry (at least among young opportunists.) Hands-free driving is no longer a distant dream and is, in fact, expected to be experimented with more vigorously in the coming years.

Cruise RP-1 is a self-monitoring system which can be installed in almost any vehicle. When activated by the press of a button, it essentially ensures that the car stays in its lane and maintains a safe distance from all sides, while enabling the driver to sit back and relax. It makes use of a “sensor pod” packed with two cameras, radar detecting mechanism, inertial sensors, a GPS system and an onboard computer which can be used to monitor its working. It comes with an iOS app installed which allows one to monitor the system’s operations. It also contains actuators that control steering, acceleration and breaking actions.

Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt prefers to call it a “highway autopilot” as it is designed to function only on the highway. He thinks it is an “advanced driving system rather than an autonomous vehicle.”


The innovative system has been estimated to cost about $10,000 (including installation charges) and is speculated to be available for sale in California next year, although for a limited period only. At least 50 units are likely to be offered for sale to the public through the automobile giant Audi while reserving some for future developments.

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