Lexus LC 500h to Debut at the Geneva Motor Show

Lexus will bring its hybrid version of the LC 500 coupe to the Geneva Motor Show next month. The LC 500h uses a new “multi-stage hybrid system” as a replacement for the “hybrid synergy drive” currently employed in both Lexus and Toyota models.


From what we know so far, the Lexus LC 500h uses a 5.0-liter V8 engine which generates up to 467bhp of power. The ‘h’ model will not likely get a major power boost and will primarily use the same engine as the LC 500 only mated with an electric motor.

Critics have already praised the look of the LC 500 and according to Top Gear, the LC 500h remains “eye-poppingly” good to look at, adding that “if its styling has even a small influence on saloons and SUVs it will sit atop in the brand’s hierarchy, Lexus should have a range to be reckoned with in years to come”.


Under the hood specification aside, the LC 500h looks gorgeous in blue and one would probably consider buying it just for that. We’ll get to see more of it once it’s unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

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