Ford in Talks With Tencent to Place WeChat in Their Cars

Automobiles and technology have a much deep association. Today, besides giving a better mileage and high protection, the cars can park themselves of their own and can come to the owner at the click of a button. Ford wants automobiles to touch new heights and is seeking a tie-up with WeChat.

According to Reuters, the American automobile manufacturer Ford is eyeing Tencent Holdings to tailor its app WeChat to fit in the cars retailed in China. If it turns true, drivers don’t need to fish out their phones and divert their attention from the road for replying to a message. The Senior Engineer of Fords Asia Pacific David Huan confirmed that the company is in talks with Tencent over business aspects of planting the app in its cars. He commented on the increasing demand of such an app –

There’s a demand from our customers. People want to stay connected, stay informed and stay entertained all the time, even when they’re driving.

He further remarked that drivers sync their phones to the car’s software system and control specific WeChat functions. If the messaging service and other vital features embed on the cars, the drives will be more safe and convenient.

2015 CLS Interiors

2015 CLS Interiors

Technology has a wider reach and people understand technology more than engine specifications. Automobiles have emerged as a competitive ground. Until now, only auto manufacturers use to fight it out, but now, Google and Apple have also jumped onto the pitch with their technology expertise, and this may have caused an imbalance in the auto sector.

WeChat is the widely accepted app in China and boasts over 468 million active users worldwide. With China being the biggest marketplace for cars and smartphones, the country is the priority of the car producers.

Last year in August, General Motors collaborated with Tencent and launched a platform where GM owners can find the nearest dealership through WeChat app. Users can also send the location of the dealership to a friend. Now, Daimler and Nissan are looking out to infuse some tech features in their cars to make the drive safer and hands-free.

Meanwhile, Tencent hasn’t stamped the news, and we have to wait for an official confirmation by then.

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