Indian Dark Horse

Indian Motorcycles Unveil a Highly Customizable Batmobile-ish Bike, the Dark Horse

Polaris Industries, a company who resurrected the once popular Indian brand in late 2013, has unveiled a new Indian motorcycle, or we’d say a batmobile. The latest revelation for the long defunct brand by Polaris is seen as an attempt to gain some market share, primarily from Harley Davidson.

The bike dubbed as the ‘Dark Horse’ has more or less the same mechanicals as the company’s Chief Classic, a midsize cruiser launched in August 2013. However, its outer demeanour is completely different. The bike gets decked in a complete matte black finish, with a massive headlamp and curved fenders reminiscent of a Dick Tracy getaway car.

Meanwhile, the images that have been released to the press show no scenic interstates or stalks of flaura and fauna, but rather gritty streets with a cold looking dude. It seems the ad clearly suggests the target audience, the company is going after urban cowboys.

We kind of gave it that mean look, I have a few guys that e-mailed me and said: When you guys finally bring a blacked-out bike, I’ll buy an Indian.

Steve Menneto
Vice President, Polaris

The new bike has been priced at $17,000, which is about $2,000 less than the Chief Classic. It has the same Thunder Stroke engine, keyless ignition, anti-lock brakes and dual exhaust. While, the overall weight has been pegged at 751 pounds.

In addition, the Dark Horse will be highly customisable. Riders can add on about 40 accessories, which include ‘ape hanger’ handlebars, heat shields along with black fender trims.

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