Tesla’s New P85D Update Will Make The Insanely Fast Car, Even Faster

The idea of successfully making a car faster through an over-the-air update has never been attempted before. But Tesla has been a company that is never scared of trying out new ideas.

Tesla issued a software update for their Model S P85D this morning, which will make the absurdly fast electric sedan even faster.


The latest firmware update includes traffic aware cruise control, which will modify the speed of the car according to the traffic and the ability to set the temperature of the car before the driver gets in. But the highlight of this update is the cars ability to zip from 0-100 km/h in 3.3 seconds, setting a new benchmark over the previous 3.4 seconds.

Tesla first significantly updated the car back in 2012, where features like uphill assist and energy saving sleep mode for the car was enabled. Model S is designed to be a owners car, you can name your car like a pet and it will offer the door handles when it senses your presence near it.

Year after year, Tesla has been adding new features to the Model S. Most car manufacturers don’t even support firmware updates via wireless mobile connection. Tesla seems to be pushing the auto industry forward with its wireless updates.

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