BMW to Bring a Mechanism That Can Park Your Car via Smartwatch

The upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 will be seeing some real good innovations. The German automobile maker BMW has recently announced on its blog post that the company will be coming up with its upgraded technology the coming CES. The most eagerly awaited development amongst them is the Remote Valet Parking Assistant, a fully automated parking solution for the BMW i3.

This feature would be one of a kind, capable of parking your car on its own. Just a few simple clicks on your smartwatch and voila. The new i3 research vehicle is a fully-equipped car with four advanced laser scanners. The scanners will record the surrounding environment and will help park the car, given that the blueprint of the building is available. Its scanners will map the potential hazards and avoid them.

BMW claims that the information gathered by the scanners and the architectural blueprint will allow the car to navigate on its own. This means the Remote Valet Parking Assistant will steer your vehicle automatically once commanded through a smartwatch and the driver can go out of the car and can finish his/her work. Also, it will lock itself automatically once parked. The vehicle will come back at the exit gate on a call by the smartwatch and voice command.

Last year, a somewhat similar technology was showcased by Audi, but cars from that company required laser scanners in the premises they were arriving in.

Although the feature will come in i3 series, but the forthcoming i7 series will be packed with the same parking assistance system.

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