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Audi Prepping an All Electric Family Vehicle

Automobile giant Audi has revealed that an all new electric family car is currently under development. Audi’s Technical Development Chief Ulrich Hackenberg told reporters that his employer plans to launch an electric car with a range of 280 miles ‘around 2017.’ Though it still remains a mystery whether it’ll be a car or a crossover, but it’s clear that it’ll be a large car with a seating capacity of five people and ample luggage space. Hackenberg also revealed that the model will be pitted against the Tesla Model S.


Such a car is under development and will be in the market for around 2017, but it will not be a sports car.

Technical Development Chief

This feat of 280 miles has been made possible by Audi using the next generation of electric motors and batteries which have high power density.

Hackenberg remained tightlipped on further details of the electric family car, but we can expect a saloon kind of body. The larger surface area of the saloon would allow larger batteries to be stuffed beneath the floor, thereby leaving ample boot room and passenger space.

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