Lexus Says it has Made a Real Hoverboard; Here it is

Now this is something interesting. Lexus has posted a video in which it claims it has made hoverboard – levitating skateboards, for real. Hoverboards became popular ever since they were introduced in the 1989 film Back to the Future Part II. The company has named it SLIDE.

In the video, a person is shown skateboarding until he stops and sees the hoverboard. The video doesn’t show the person actually riding the hoverboard but we see it levitating above the ground. The promotional website doesn’t offer much details. The company credits Haruhiko Tanahashi as the Chief Engineer associated with the project.

The site claims that the hoverboard uses magnetic levitation but in the video, it is levitating on above a concrete surface. According to the website, liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets have allowed Lexus to create the impossible.

This is not the first time a hoverboard has been brought to life. In 2014, a company called Arx Pax demonstrated the Hendo hoverboard, the “world’s first real hoverboard”.

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